New World Order

by Brachialilluminator

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the earth was just a rotten place when he appeared to show his face the mightiest knew his realm came so let us praise his holy name the new world order´s here it released us from fear no suffering no more it´s great as ne´er before the people knew he meant them good so, when the warmen understood he´d impose a threat to their reign they already had lost the game state d´partments disappeared were substituted by earth departments whose works meant benefits to all
they don´t like no difference equality all around they want us to be safe no riddles abound religion, birthplace, colour no difference to be made unity a lifestyle no need to hesitate and so do we… all can share environment free from any threat sanctuary useless everything just great religion, birthplace, colour no difference to be made unity a lifestyle no need to hesitate they want to reach their goal by kicking “different” people out their mission is to show what difference´s all about meanwhile – unlike this racist, nazi, prejudice shit – we have learnt long ago that differerence don´t exist their aim might be the same but their means is pure hate we rather enjoy life, dance, party, celebrate that´s what we do…
once we stood as the voice of so called little people now in charge of most, most idiotic things we take care of laws nobody gives a fuck but we know that one day we will prevail no more immigrants justice in our hands others leave the land leaders once again stupid till the end proud we´re here to stand we really don´t know how ridiculous we are we still ride on the right wings of destiny we still hail immortal leaders of the past lost we have all senses for this reality intelligence something we never knew leaders once again stupid till the end proud we´re here to stand we really don´t know how ridiculous we were, we are and be forever more already away follow the department of most idiotic things here again to stay to lead the department of most idiotic things no one else takes care of the department of most idiotic things all we are we share with the department of most idiotic things we are not insane but stupid in every aspect we shall rise again maybe in your fictional reality we are the only hope there´s no hope for cure in your case we are the only way the only way you walk, the only place you speak is in this asylum and its main doors will be locked for all eternity
darkness enclosing the eye silence capsuling the ear thoughts stray far until they vanish and leave so much space emptiness foregoes perfection consciousness replaces the daze fulfillment perceiving a feeling of trust sensing an upcoming lust the diamond becomes alive the spirit begins to wander floating across the universe experiences far beyond whatever you know... floating across the universe...
la canción es larga, la letra es corta y eso tiene su razón quien no come carne tiene mas vida el único tema de la composición los tomates te hacen fuerte y lindo unos brócolis sanos además de pezónes solo debe encontrarse algo verde en mi boca vegetarianos son la mejor gente del mundo vegetarianos radiantes y triunfadores vegetarianos sus calcetínes no ceden nunca vegetarianos nadan en suerte y dinero
happiness and free food for all medical supply and education freedom, peace, torn down are all walls united earth instead of nations free to get as far it took us 1000 years of wars when the solution was so easy the mightiest supplied our demands now everything seems simply teasing food replaces hunger intelligence replaces brain-death humanism replaces nationalism


when the mightiest took over world dominion those departments were the most influential ones...


released February 28, 2003

input by bozkovich, 0010, dr. trebor, potzblitzbrak, susanna gartmayer


all rights reserved



Brachialilluminator Vienna, Austria

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