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Alarm! - Blaulicht in Rio

by Brachialilluminator

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war on error 06:36
war on error has been invented for our use/for the reason of monitoring your every move/ collecting all your data and connecting all your files/ make you all become transparent in a very short while/ to make you support suppression we connote diffuse fears/ to intensify business and track down deviant ideas/ he who has nothing to hide has nothing to fear/ big brother is with you while you're afraid he might be near tcurtsed fles/ rorre no raw/ tcudorp a/ rorre no raw
here i am con masterplan with hatred inside/ all infidels behold my wrath dismembered in cries/ blood death the glory is mine/ i will reign supreme when all mankind is gone who are you/ you seem very interesting/ come on my friend/ let’s share some time together/ oh yes/ this makes me/ i think you do/ understand die in pain / ⌂♂טּ×$§!!!/ hesitation - a waste of time - all conscience erased/ now come along you will be strong say with me our grace un dos tres/ we thank you lord for all the blood its taste is so sweet/ what the fuck i think i’m drunk oh please not again/ the snake is small just like a worm i’m sorry i failed a mighty terrorist i’m feeding death a mighty terrorist/ a mighty, mighty
terrorist 06:00
(we're living in)/ dangerous times - the order is collapsing/ and we are no longer self-controlled/ (our souvereignity has gone)/ we're ruled by worthless usurpators/ only few can see the whole goal we know best what's right/ we have to use force/ to bring right and freedom/ our aim is divine/ our solution absolute/ in the end people will honour us but now they say that we are motherfucking/ terrorists/ right now we're motherfucking/ terrorists freedom fighters/ in all times have been denounced/ by false rulers and authorities/ but history/ has always whitewashed the right ones/ truth had always become revealed until then we are motherfucking/ terrorists/ right now we're motherfucking/ terrorists
questions 02:57
after 9/11 where has bin laden gone?/ is he back in sudan or with the taliban?/ is he still alive or did he not survive?/ do cave systems exist or are they just a myth? planes or dynamite, what made the towers crack?/ who did lose the information when in use?/ what was the outcome of the anthrax attack?/ who was in power in that exact hour? is the axis of evil simply a gimmick thrill?/ is democracy or oil the basis of our will?/ are weapons of mass destruction/ just a means of mass seduction? who secretly reigns the world and never does no good?/ freemasonry, skulls & bones, another brotherhood?/ is the mightiest chuck norris?/ or is this only another story? questions/ are a burden/ and answers/ a prison for oneself
give up your freedom of speech, of thoughts/ of mind, deliver unto us/ the essence of your being to ban terrorism hanging above/ our heads like the sword of damocles/ we need total control dispose yourself of your inner conflicts/ put your trust in our measures/ forget about your privacy expressions of civil liberties/ must be banned and prosecuted/ it only serves to protect you/ give up your freedom of speech, of thoughts/ of mind, deliver unto us the essence of your being
freedom and peace are our principal aims/ to provide that the population has to follow our way/ left-wing politics are a dangerous game/ that we cannot allow anybody to play hire extreme rights, make them terrorize/ the populace in peacetime, it is worth the prize/ blame organizations that are to the left/ make the crowd cheer in as long as there is enough deaths to protect civilization sometimes you have to do/ what to ordinary people may seem mean and cruel/ as long as we hide our real goals and control the information/ what is called terrorism will give people orientation
allow me to introduce my concepts to you/ musical terrorism is the means to choose/ mix up ingredients to have people confused/ don't care for styles, order will not be in use expectations are never to be come up to/ change is the key word, let yourself never be fooled/ if that suits you well, you're welcome to my group/ where the attraction of controversy is the scoop


the lyrics mostly deal with surveillance in and not so much in disguise and its consequences. musically, bass guitar is more in front than before.


released March 15, 2011

performed by bozkovich, 0010, potzblitz!brak, fräulein alexandra, hannes lenhardt, richard lederer, susanna gartmayer, uli piringer


all rights reserved



Brachialilluminator Vienna, Austria

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